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Moving Domains

On Feb 23, 2012, I added a test page to my personal website at, using Github Pages. Three years later, I purchased and started redirecting the domain name to, which Github had migrated Pages to after some security issues arising from having them on a subdomain of the main site. A few years after that, I started hosting my website myself on a VPS at Cloud at Cost. I kept the Github Pages in case anything went wrong. Ultimately, it did - the VPS service slowly died of oversubscription a few months ago. (It was an excellent service for many years—and for less than a dollar a month!)

As my web server slowly fell out from under me, taking upwards of half a minute to run ls, I retreated to my living room where this site is hosted now. I had deployed a highly-accessible DnD-style dice roller, 🎲, but it required a Node-based service running on the back-end to perform the rolls.

While I'd known it for some time, this really drove home that is no longer hostable entirely on Github Pages. I need to maintain a server running it, so there's no reason to keep around. The code for will remain happily on Github itself, but starting today any requests to a web page on Github Pages will redirect to the equivalent page on

As I don't have a whole lot of control over how Github Pages serves my content, I've replaced the content of each HTML file with a meta redirect and deleted most of the other files. This means that, as far as I can manage, the URLs that have been linked around the web should still work. Cool URLs don't change.

Moving forward, I should get the releases for my old projects (River Run, Cube Trains, and the Open Pixel Platformer demo) out of this repo. Github has the concept of releases now, and I would like to use that instead of the repo for my website. The files will still be hosted on this website as insurance against something going missing, of course, since you only own something if it's on your computer. And, of course, I'd like to update this blog a little more. I need a reason to implement pagination!

tags: meta, web dev, github